infertility sucks...

There's no sugar coating infertility.  It's painful, it's confusing, it's isolating.  It can leave you filled with confusion and despair like nothing else. 

There is a whole new world to learn, a new language to acquire.  You feel up one day and down the next.  There is often no warning sign between the two extremes, just a constant pendulum between "I'm okay right now," and "I'm losing my shit right now." 

There are layers of loss to deal with, feelings of shame, days and weeks of waiting for another provider to tell you the outcome of your future.

Your relationships may suffer.  Not just with the partner you may or may not have by your side in this, but with friends and family as well.  Not to mention your relationship with yourself.

There is nothing predictable in the land of infertility.  Not with your body, not with your eggs, your embryos, your uterus, your surrogates, and, most definitely, not with your own emotions. 

Life is too hard to do alone; thrown in infertility and you're on a whole other level of hard.  You need all the support available.  Give me a call and find out if I'm someone you might want on the roller coaster with you.  If I'm not the one, I'll do my best to offer you resources and support so you can find what fits.  You deserve that.