Mind-Body Fertility Group
to May 31

Mind-Body Fertility Group

  • Rosemont Wellness Center (map)
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This 6 week group will focus on exploring ways of working with the stress of fertility challenges using proven methods of relaxation and reconnecting to our own internal experience. We will explore various forms of meditation and breath work along with other self care practices and healing modalities to help work with, rather than against, our bodies and our individual experience. A portion of this group will be based on the Mind-Body research and work of Alice Domar, the founder of the first Mind/Body Program for Fertility
which is still run at the Domar Center with Boston IVF in Massachusetts.

This is an introductory group with the goal of learning, and practicing, a variety of specific strategies to help manage stress and encourage relaxation. You will learn tools and find the resources within yourself to help ride the emotional roller coaster of fertility challenges and begin to establish a practice that you can use anytime during any periods of stress and anxiety.

This group is made for you if you …
    •    are currently undergoing fertility treatments
    •    struggled with fertility in the past, had a baby (yay!) & are thinking about trying again
    •    haven’t pursued medical treatment but have been struggling to conceive
    •    are thinking about other options such as surrogacy and adoption
    •    are having a hard time connecting with others while on this fertility journey
    •    feel like you have lost touch with yourself beyond “trying to conceive”

If you’re not sure if the group is a good fit, please feel free to contact me so we can talk through any questions or concerns.

Please come with an open mind. Not everything will work for everyone; this is a space to try out different practices and explore our own experience with them. Journaling will be incorporated into each meeting and weekly writing prompts will be provided.

This group meets on Thursday evenings, 5:45 - 7:00 and runs April 26th - May 31st.  The registration fee for the 6 week group is $150, non refundable. 

To register, please email julia@juliagersen.com or call (207) 994-8575.

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