counseling for life's "oh $@*#"  moments

Counseling, therapy, mental health, psychotherapy, healing - what does it all really mean?  You might have some idea, no idea, or even be in the field yourself.  Truth be told, every one of those terms often means something different for everyone.  For me, at the core of what I do, is helping people find balance within themselves. 

We will not "remove problems." We will not "eliminate suffering." We will not "change who you are."  We will uncover ways for you to create the life you want, and face life's challenges with the knowledge that you have the resources to get through the hard times and appreciate the ups and downs.   

I believe you are the expert on your experience and your story, not your family, your friends, and certainly not me. 

I believe we all have the capacity and strength to endure and grow. 

I believe that courage and wisdom are not solo feats to achieve but universal markers that we can find together. 

I believe that humor and laughter are as equally cathartic as sadness and tears. 

I believe life is inherently beautiful, painful, and hard in not so equal measures. 

I love what I do and I truly believe in the power and healing of connection.  It has saved me time and time again in life and is what led me to become a counselor.

We're in this together, to explore new feelings and experiences, to reconnect to yourself and those around you, and to create the transformations you've been striving for.  

If something here resonated with you and you're ready to see if I might be the one to trudge through the mud with you, give me a call.  Ask me some questions, tell me a piece of your story, let's see how I can help.

And here's the nitty gritty, technical stuff...

  • University of Southern Maine, MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2017
  • Externship training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, 2016
  • PostPartum Support International Maternal Mental Health training, 2017